Black Mirror

Netflix has a variety of TV shows to offer. One genre I rarely seek is foreign shows and film. The most recent foreign TV show I binged – binge may be considered an understatement since I finished the entire series in two days –  was the anthology series, Black Mirror; this Brit show has to be in my top ten favorite TV shows. The thriller/drama has a futuristic, Twilight Zone feel, in which every episode tells a different story that, for lack of a better phrase, will truly blow your mind, and sheds a light on the effect technology has on our society. By the end of each episode, your brain will be going a million miles a minute revising, not only the episode, but as well your own life. Although the show tends to be slow, and depending on where the episode takes place, hard to understand, the show is truly worth the watch. So tell me my readers, do you plan on watching this thriller? Also if you have any foreign TV shows or films that you think are worth the watch make sure to comment me the titles and I can watch it and maybe even write a post on it!

Black Mirror Trailer


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